A place for my scribbles...poems, songs, stories, musings and ramblings.

A place for my scribbles...poems, songs, stories, musings and ramblings.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

By the Way...

It was late in the year of 1992, and I had been dating Scott for a few months when I wrote the words to "By the Way."  I remember that I gave him a copy of my love poem, and when I saw him again 2 days later he had turned my poem into a song.  I've been writing verse for as long as I can remember, often humming along with the tune in my head as I wrote.  It is an indescribable thrill to have someone hear the song in my words.  With his lovely finger picking and string harmonics, together we wrote a beautiful song, if I do say so myself!

He is performing at a wedding today, and the couple chose it as their recessional song.  The first time he performed "By the Way" at a wedding was for some friends and we were actually in the wedding party.  Tony and Shelly loved our song and had Scott play and sing it for their first dance.
That was in 1999.

Over the years, he has played more weddings than he can even remember. Many brides and grooms request "By the Way" because they've heard it on his CD or on the website, and sometimes he will suggest they listen to it if they are unsure about a song.  Many couples have recessed to it, many have danced their first dance to it, and a few brides have even walked the aisle to it.  Early on, I remember Scott telling me about a couple who requested it for their first dance; they sang along to each other and knew every single word.

It's strange to realize how many weddings have included my words, our song.  How many couples will know that song for the rest of their lives because it was part of their special day?  That is really so cool!  I have to admit that I am quite proud of our beautiful love song.

"...and then you reached out to me and you put your hand in mine,
and you said that life's a song, and we were the next line.
And by the way, I'm in love with you today."

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